Grow Your Own Kits Now Available

We’re now into the new year, and MPL Gardening are delighted to have launched 2 new, grow your own kits. You can now, today, order our Chilli seed or Salad seed starter kits. The Chilli seed kit selection is made up of Jalapeno, Hungarian Hot Wax and Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper seeds. The Salad seed kit selection is made up of Wild Rocket, Spinach and Watercress. The selection of Chilli seeds was chosen to appease all Chilli lovers with the subtle heat of the Jalapeno, to the more extreme heat of the Scotch Bonnet. While the Salad seeds were selected to combine together to make one exciting and fresh salad, perfect with a dressing or as a side dish.

Other items included in the kits are: 3 x Mini High Top Propagators, 3 x bags of compost, 6 x plant labels, a pencil, and a guide to growing either the chilli or salad seeds.

The compost is a young plant variety, ideal for getting your seeds underway in the Mini High Top Propagators. The idea behind the kits being that you can get your plants started early in the winter months, indoors, to then reap the rewards of a more fruitful and profitable yield when it comes to harvest. The propagators included are robust and shatterproof meaning they are reusable and don’t have to be thrown away or replaced in the future. We recommend disposing of any individual components responsibly and recycling as much to the best of your ability.

These kits are ideal for new gardeners who wish to learn the ropes and begin their own growing journey. The kits are suitable for growing indoors and can be placed on your windowsill or other like-minded tables and surfaces. These kits also make a great gift.

For enquiries visit the individual product pages found on this website, or get in touch via phone (01751 477 720) or email (

Click below to find our Chilli and Salad kits for sale on Amazon:

Amazon – EarlyGrow Chilli Seed Starter Kit

Amazon – EarlyGrow Salad Seed Starter Kit

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