New MPL Gardening Website

Today see’s our new MPL Gardening website uploaded to the internet for the first time. This site will act as a separately from Malton Plastics (UK) LTD so customers can clearly differentiate between custom injection moulding and our garden and winter products you will find here. On this new site you will find all our product information and pictures, as well as contact information to get in touch with us here at MPL Gardening to discuss any enquiries.

For those interested in our relatively short history there is a an “About Us” section in which you will be able to read over to see who we are, what we do and what our future aim is.

The site will be under constant maintenance and will be improved daily to evoke any errors and just generally improve things. If there are any errors such as broken links or even spelling, please bare with us to resolve this or even let us know so we can fix it sooner. We are open to positive and negative feedback so we know what to improve upon to make your user experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Why not enquire today.

Call: +44 (0) 01751 477720


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