About MPL Gardening

MPL Gardening is a sub-division of plastic injection moulders, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. MPL Gardening was founded in 2012 as means to supply a dedicated and diverse range of products to a particular industry; the gardening industry. Our range of products has slowly grown over the years, with our own manufactured range being recognised under the EarlyGrow brand. The individual experiences and understanding of gardening found in our team has allowed us to create purposefully designed products for the beginner, keen and experienced gardener.


First and foremost we manufacture our own range, in addition we also supply other garden related products. We supply wholesale and are open to wholesale, and retail enquiries.


The knowledge our team at MPL Gardening possesses has meant that we are also able to design our own, innovative garden products. From moulding, to manufacturing, our control ensures each product manufactured meets our quality standards.


As a forward thinking division of MPL we do have a vision for our future. This includes us being market leaders in the supply of garden and winter products and being internationally recognised, supplying our products throughout Europe and to other continents.


Our vision is a large one and is being take with little steps, however through continued innovation of products, product design, manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement with our online presence we believe it will be achievable in the near future. Our current aim is to continue to increase the range of gardening products we offer every year to make us more diverse and offer more products for use for the gardener.


As manufacturers and suppliers of garden and winter products we feel it is also vital that we promote environmentally friendly processes. Because of this our aim is to become more environmentally friendly, year upon year. We can do this by reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill by recycling; operating on the principles of lean manufacturing by working in a clean and efficient manner, (as an ISO9001 recognised company this is extremely important). Clearly there are many more things we can do and are working on, and as we grow our environmental efforts will grow to.


By Ralph Hill on 9 Jun. 2015 – “A first class product, very versatile and good size for seedlings.”


By Dr Daniel W B on 26 April 2016 – “It has 4 different spread rates and that are simple to set. Simplicity of design and use are this product’s big selling points.”


By forfolksake on 29 Feb. 2016 – “Fab! Saves so much to-ing and fro-ing with a shovel! It’s a good size with one ‘fill’ to salt our garden path and up past the path serving our neighbours. Easy to fill and easy to use. The lid does feel a little insecure, but if you make sure you press until you hear the definite ‘click’ you should be fine! Remember to close the bottom when refilling in order to avoid doing the obvious, and decorating wherever you’re filling up… unlike me! Time for the broom!”


By MH on 21 April 2017 – “Excellent items. Very robust. I expect they will last for years.”


By AH on 4 Jun. 2015 – “Very happy with product. Good quality and quickly dispatched. Looking to buy another 10 today.”