EarlyGrow Salad Seed Starter Kit

New to MPL Gardening, the EarlyGrow Salad Seed Starter Kit contains: Wild Rocket, Spinach and Watercress seeds. The easy to use kit is great for those new to gardening or those with limited space. The benefit of the seed kit is that you can start growing your variety of salad early in the winter months, so, by the time spring and summer come around you’ll have a larger and better look yield of tasty salad than if you started growing later on in the spring. Plus you have more time to start again, maximising your return of salad throughout the year.


Wild Rocket, Spinach and Watercress combine together to make a great salad. Recipes can be found online and in cook books, so you’re never short of what to do with your freshly grown salads.


The instruction booklet provided  in the kit should be taken as a guide only. We have tried our best to be as accurate as possible, however we cannot be held liable for any problems encountered when growing your crop. We recommend looking online and at other various guides that can be found or even hard copies to really extensify your knowledge to produce the best crop you can.


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