Heated 3-Bay Windowsill Propagator with Capillary Mat and Tray – Euro Plug

The Heated 3-Bay Windowsill Propagator with Capillary Mat and Tray is great to grow a variety of plants, utilising the 3 bay design. Made out of a robust plastic, with a shatterproof lid, our Heated 3-Bay Windowsill Propagator is resistant to bumps, knocks and drops. The Capillary Mat and Tray allow your plants to self water meaning you can leave your plants for a period of time without worry. The in built heater also means that your plants can germinate quicker at approximately 16-19 degrees centigrade, you can start growing your plants early.

  • 55 x 22 x 16 cm
  • Comes with drainage holes
  • Self-watering
  • Adjustable ventilation control for air flow and humidity
  • Made from a durable plastic
  • Shatterproof lid
  • 12 Watts
  • This product is for use in Europe  (Euro plug Type C 2 pin)

Made in the UK.

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Additional Information
Weight 1.862 kg
Dimensions 55 x 22 x 16 cm